Why being a graduate at the bottom of the work place ‘food chain’ is great!

Why being a graduate at the bottom of the work place ‘food chain’ is great!

If you’re a graduate looking for work or perhaps a graduate who has started work but is enlisted at the bottom of the workplace ‘food chain’, it can be difficult to see how you’re going to accomplish your goals. Getting a well-paid job and fulfilling a career you love can seem like a lifetime away. But in actual fact being in your position can be great and instead of wishing this time would pass, you should be embracing it!

You can use this opportunity to establish what you want to you to do, whilst continually improving yourself to give yourself the best possible chance! Here are KennedyPearce’s top tips to embracing being an entry level graduate in the work place:

1.Test the waters:

Use this opportunity to discover what jobs or what type of company you enjoy working for. KennedyPearce offers a range of temp jobs across the country and these are a great way to discover which job roles you enjoy. In addition you will also gain experience in a variety of sectors, a great addition to your C.V and your own self development.

2.Take advantage:

Many companies offer training initiatives to employees, make sure you take advantage of these skills they are offering to you. Also if there is something you want to know, ask or get someone to show you. Your superiors will know the business; they know what they’re talking about so get as much as you can out of them.

3. Make connections:

At work, whether it is just a temp job or something for longer, introduce yourself to your co-workers and establish a presence for yourself. Having the right network can lead to great opportunities. A simple way of keeping in contact is adding your coworkers to LinkedIn. Make sure you send personalised recommendations, to ensure you are giving a great impression. Last week KennedyPearce tweeted The Entrepreneur’s article on ‘7 tips for building a Power Network on LinkedIn’ which gives great advice on how to optimise your LinkedIn presence.

 4. Get used to the Working World:

Although you are starting at the bottom and are on a lower salary, remember this is because you have less responsibility. This is great when starting out because it gives you the chance to adapt to working life. Your first few weeks in a ‘proper’ job are likely to a big change from your life and routine at university. Use this opportunity to figure how to fit your life around your work. For example how much sleep you need to stay productive the next day and what days are good to fit in your exercise regime. Is it better at the start of week when you’re motivated or at the end when you are close to the weekened? Starting with less responsibility is a great chance to work out your weekly routine, so you can optimise your free time.

5. Better Yourself:

Once you’ve sorted your routine and you’re used to working, why not use some of your free time to better yourself and learn further skills. In a previous KennedyPearce blog post we discussed ways in which you can improve your ICT skills from online courses to free touch typing exercises. There’s a wealth of information on the internet available at your fingertips. Why not set a couple of hours aside each week to learn a new skill?

So although you may not have as much privileges as your superiors in the work place, and perhaps you are sometimes designated to do the ‘odd jobs’, remember this is a great situation to be in. So get the most out of it while you still can!

Photos courtesy of scui3asteveo & ralph and jenny / Flickr

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