Why February is a great month for job hunting

Why February is a great month for job hunting

A number of factors make February one of the best times of the year to look for a new job.

Companies are putting their plans for the year into action

A company might start planning for the year ahead in January – finalising their business strategies, budgets and other plans – and if that plan includes an intention to recruit, it may be the following month when they start taking action in that respect.

Companies take advantage of people making New Year Resolutions

For many people, getting a new job is a New Year resolution. They are consequently looking closely at internet job boards and jobs sections in the press during February, and employers can take advantage of this by ensuring they have their vacancies advertised.
Also, if it is people’s New Year resolution to find a new job, then they will also be resigning from their old jobs early in the year, meaning more vacancies arise. Sometimes employees receive a Christmas bonus, and if this is the case, they are more likely to wait until this has been paid before resigning.

Fewer people are on Holiday

February is not peak holiday season, so companies know there will be fewer delays to the recruitment process at this time of the year. Interviews are less likely to be delayed because either the interviewer and interviewee is away; successful candidates can respond more quickly to offers; training and induction programmes for new employees can proceed unhindered by interruptions for booked holidays; and, if companies use recruitment agencies, their contacts at the agency are also less likely to be away.

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