Why you should encourage your staff to take Holiday

Why you should encourage your staff to take Holiday

Are your staff taking their accrued Holiday time? A recent study showed that almost a third of British employees did not take their full holiday entitlement last year. Although not taking annual leave, sounds like the act of loyal staff who are prepared to work all year round, it can actually be detrimental to an employee’s work productivity. That’s why you should encourage your staff to take Holiday.

According to a YouGov survey commissioned by Wolters Kluwer, the business information services company, more than three in 10 employees admitted that they did not use their total allowance of annual leave last year.

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Time off work is important for health and wellbeing, increasing productivity and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. We’ve talked about the importance of a work/life balance in our previous blog post 5 Simple Ways to Promote a Healthy Work/Life Balance. With such a substantial number of employees choosing to forgo holidays, the responsibility for making sure they get downtime falls on their managers. So how can Managers help?

Try discussing the benefits of going on holiday with your employees and make them aware that any existing work will be divided between other members of the team in their absence to prevent them worrying about returning to an overload of work. The study also determined that one of the main reasons why employees didn’t take their entire holiday was due to heavy workloads. Put an employee’s mind at rest and implement a procedure for their work when they are away on holiday.

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The biggest reason why no holiday was taken was because the employer allowed the employee to rollover leftover days into the next year. This is when a ‘use it or lose policy’ comes in handy or limiting the number of days they can rollover.

Additionally try building employee incentives for reaching targets or demonstrating excellent performance that centre around taking extra time off. For example getting leave an hour early or working a half day. This will help create a positive environment and be reminder to employees of both the benefits of working hard and the importance of taking personal time.

Another way is by making it easy for employees to apply for holiday and last minute holiday requests. Can you implement a spreadsheet or an email address where they can request holiday and receive a fast response? Speak to your employees and find out what methods would help them when requesting holiday.

Every worker should be encouraged to make full use of their annual leave. A well rested worker is a happier, less stressed worker. Speak to your staff and encourage to take their annual leave.


Graphs courtesy of The Telegraph: (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jobs/11592958/A-third-of-British-workers-dont-take-their-holidays.html)

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