Words To Avoid in Your Job Application

Words To Avoid in Your Job Application

Words to Avoid in Job Application

Words to avoid using in your job application

Words and phrases you should avoid putting on CVs and covering letters include:

  • ‘Curriculum Vitae’ itself, or the abbreviation ‘CV’. It is fairly clear to an employer or recruitment agency what the document is, so instead just use your name as the title of the document.
  • ‘Hobbies & Interests’. If you have conducted voluntary work outside of employment and have gained skills and experience that would benefit a hiring company, then it is fine to mention these. Otherwise consider whether stating that you play football, go out for drinks regularly etc. will enhance your chances of getting the job.
  • ‘References/Referees’. Unless specifically asked by the recruiter to provide this, don’t give referees’ contact information in your application, or even state that references are available on request. Doing so takes up space that can be used to describe your work-based achievements. Any employer that wants you to provide a reference will contact you separately about this.
  • ‘Hard-working’. If you think about it, this is fairly meaningless, and could mean anything from that you are reasonably diligent to that you are a workaholic. Consider also that none of the applicants you are competing against are likely to admit to not being hard working on their CV. The same considerations apply if your CV says you are ‘motivated’, ‘enthusiastic’ or ‘trustworthy’.
  • ‘Extensive experience’. There is no point saying you have extensive experience, as the skills and tasks you list on your CV should speak for themselves and demonstrate the breadth of your experience to date.

There are of course many other words and phrases which ideally would not appear on your application. It is suggested you have your CV reviewed by a professional recruiter, so that any such examples can be identified.

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