Working From Home, A Good Idea?

Working From Home, A Good Idea?

Should you take up the invitation to work from home?

If your employer has offered you the chance to work from home, your first instinct may be to jump at the chance. But doing so certainly has both its advantages and disadvantages.


  • You will save time and money by not needing to undertake the often stressful commute
  • It can make life much easier if you have care responsibilities
  • There is no dress code at home
  • Many people have reported that their productivity soars when working from home, when they are free from certain work-related distractions. You may have greater freedom to manage your own time
  • You can still keep in regular contact with colleagues via tools such as email, video calls, telephone calls, instant messaging and a host of other technological advances
  • You may be able to do your shopping at less busy times and make up for it by doing some evening work – but check if you need to be ‘on call’ to the office before going out



  • There can still be distractions when working at home – perhaps to a greater extent than when in the office. You will need to be disciplined to ensure that at set times of the day, you concentrate fully on your work, and don’t end up carrying out household chores, watching daytime tv or dealing with personal email
  • Some home-based distractions you may not be able to control. Cold calls can be frequent, and you may find yourself answering every call just in case it turns out to be important. You may also find your neighbours start using you as a place to have their parcels delivered
  • You may not be able to undertake as wide a range of tasks when working from home – for example you might only be able to carry out the regular duties of your role and might not be able to participate in special projects
  • Working from home may damage your future emoployment prospects, possibly because you are unable to do the same variety of tasks (see above), and also because of the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ principle on the part of your employer
  • Consider if you will miss not seeing your colleagues day-to-day and interacting with them
  • You may find yourself almost never leaving the house

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