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    Get Your CV Right

    What Recruiters and Employers Really Look For in CVs Writing your CV for the first time can be overwhelming and highl...

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    Large vs Small Companies

    Pros and cons of working for larger or smaller companies Many people move jobs a number of times during their careers...

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    Favouring a Well Known Company?

    Jobseekers likely to favour well-known company names, says survey  A survey by Glassdoor, a website that allows staff...

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    Data Protection

    Information watchdog head says Cambridge Analytica is a ‘game changer’ for companies and data protection No one can h...

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    Re-Locating for Work?

    Tips if you are considering re-locating for your next job Of course, not everyone lives in the same area throughout t...

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    Personalising your workspace

    Assuming you have your own desk in the office that you sit at every day, then you can make your workspace a cheerier ...

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    Younger workers to be included in pension auto-enrolement

    The Government has announced that it plans to extend the auto-enrolment pensions regime to workers aged between 18 an...

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    45% check their work email on holiday

    60% of British workers would like their company to cut off access to their work emails when they go away on holiday, ...

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    Government announces school careers leader scheme

    The Government has unveiled plans for some 500 state secondary schools and colleges to have a dedicated ‘careers lead...

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