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    What you need to know about the use of company cars

    If you are lucky enough to be supplied with a vehicle by your company, then here are some things you need to be aware...

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    Sexual harassment in the workplace

    Unfortunately, the issue of sexual harassment has been much in the news recently. It is also very much something of w...

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    Engineering executive who faked CV is jailed

    David Scott has been jailed for 12 months after admitting a charge of “fraud worth £54,564.09 by false representation...

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    Ways to make your office more relaxing

    Work can sometimes be a stressful experience. However, there are ways you can make the office environment more relaxi...

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    Ways to make your office more fun

    Some of us genuinely love our jobs, but not everyone gets up every single day bouncing with enthusiasm at the thought...

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    Ways to make 'lunch hour' a proper break

    Many employment contracts stipulate a one hour break each day. For a lot of us though, actually having a ‘lunch hour’...

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    Open plan offices ‘bad for workers’ say various studies

    The modern trend is most definitely towards ‘open-plan’ offices. However, various studies have suggested that this tr...

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    New Year – a chance to advance your career, whether with the same company, or with a new one

    If you have been lucky enough to get some time off over the festive period, then you may have had the opportunity to ...

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    Companies spending £50 per person on Xmas entertainment

    Research from Hitachi Capital Business Finance has shown that the average small or medium sized company is planning t...

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