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    Government publishes parental bereavement leave bill

    The Government has launched new legislation that will allow parents the right to paid leave in the event of the death...

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    Interns Attitudes Changing?

    A study by Lloyds Banking Group has suggested that modern day interns may no longer be content to carry out menial ta...

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    Importance of Job Security

    Workers prioritise job security over pay rises New research suggests many employees are reluctant to ask for meaningf...

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    Working a Second Job

    We all have to pay the bills, and ideally we would like a bit left over each month to fund a social life, gifts, luxu...

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    What is Workplace Mediation?

    What is workplace mediation, conciliation and arbitration? Mediation, in a workplace context, is where an independent...

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    Eating the Same Lunch Everyday?

    1 in 3 workers eat the same lunch every day Research by food delivery company Deliveroo has revealed that one in thre...

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