How To Negotiate a Pay Rise

How To Negotiate a Pay Rise

Negotiating a pay rise

Your job may involve an annual appraisal, at which you and your line manager and/or an HR representative discuss your performance with a view to deciding what salary increase, if any, you will receive. Alternatively, you may feel confident enough to raise with your employer the subject of a pay rise on another occasion, perhaps during a one-to-one meeting with your boss.

Some helpful tips for negotiating a pay rise include:

  • Do some research to find out what the going rate for your role is, and be prepared to present this evidence to your employer
  • Consider the timing of your request – if your company is struggling if may not be the best time to ask for more money
  • Make a note of all your achievements in the workplace – what skills you demonstrated, how your actions benefitted the company, how you have gone above and beyond the basic requirements of your role. Also tell your employer what you intend to achieve in the future, thus illustrating your future value to the company
  • Consider which of your colleagues could provide you with good reports on the work you have done. When making your case for a pay rise, suggest your boss (or whoever the decision maker is) talks to this person about your contribution
  • Be prepared to compromise – you may not receive the full increase you are asking for. Therefore it may be best to propose a salary that is higher than the one you realistically expect to get. You may decide to accept improvements in your workplace perks and benefits in lieu of some or all of the pay increase you originally asked for
  • Don’t necessarily expect to be granted a rise straight after your initial request. You may need to raise the subject again a few months down the line
  • Don’t threaten to leave if you don’t get what you’re asking for (even if this is your intention). This will leave a sour taste in your employer’s mouth and will not improve your chances of a successful negotiation

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