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    Surviving Recruitment Armageddon... take 2

    Armageddon is approaching for the contracting market!! Or so many would have you believe; however, the fact is that c...

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    Appointment of Simon Smith as Managing Director

    KennedyPearce is excited to announce the appointment of new Managing Director Simon Smith.  On the back of one of the...

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    Stop! Are you sitting correctly?

    If you are seeking a new role, working from home or working from the office you are likely to be looking at a compute...

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    Liverpool's Champion Recruitment Strategy

    Liverpool have finally been crowned Premier League champions!  Jurgen Klopp predicted in his very first press confere...

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    Top Tips for Video Interviews

    As clients start to hire again video interviews have soared. Normal preparation applies but here are some other quick...

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    Working from Home and Loneliness

    You miss a large part of human interaction by working from home. If you think about it, a full-time role is often Mon...

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    How to Stand Out in the Current Job Market

    The job market is tough. We don't need to explain the reasons why but hopefully we can help you with your job search....

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    I have just been awarded my "Hey Duggee" Working from Home whilst Parenting Badge!

    Anyone who knows what the title of this article means, or alludes to at least, is a parent with a young child in the ...

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    Virtual Recruitment - How to do it

    Temporarily, the business landscape has changed dramatically. Remote working has had to (in some cases very quickly) ...

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