KP Team

Working for Us

We are all about going the extra mile for our Candidates and Clients; our company motto after all is "exceeding expectations" and to join us you simply have to meet ours. 

Every member of the KP family is:

  • competitive yet a team player
  • confident yet humble
  • professional yet doesn't take themselves too seriously
  • organised yet innovative
  • and above all takes pride in being as good as they can be in everything they do

​Can you identify with these characteristics? 

Our Values

Exceeding Expectations

We are here to provide support and go that extra mile for all our candidates, clients and employees.  

Honesty & Professionalism

Our job is to consult and provide you with tailored options and solutions in a professional and more importantly, an honest way.

Collaboration & Efficiency

Our people are what make us who we are. We encourage an entrepreneurial, innovative environment and use out skills collaboratively to build and maintain successful partnerships.

Passion & Energy

We are quite simply passionate and motivated in absolutely everything we do.

Your Benefits

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    Earn up to 40% commission

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    Onsite pub and chill out area with pub games, PS4, complimentary drinks fridge and snacks

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    Monthly lunch club for high performers and legendary “players” day out for our exceptional performers of the quarter

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    In office massages

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    25 days annual leave allowance with an additional day off for every year you work with KP

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    Shorter contracted working hours WITH a 4pm  finish on a Friday

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    Never work on your birthday with a day off

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    Our famous, annual Summer Party

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