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Top Tips for Video Interviews

As clients start to hire again video interviews have soared. Normal preparation applies but here are some other quick tips to help make your video interview successful:

Set Up

This is vital so do not just glaze over this point, check the following:

  • You have an appropriate username and profile picture
  • A charged computer/tablet/phone 
  • Quiet room – from noise outside as well as inside
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable
  • Check the webcam and audio beforehand
  • Your phone is on silent 
  • Alert house mates and family that you are not to be disturbed


CV & Notes

The advantage of a video interview is being able to print out your CV and having it in front of you. You can also put a couple of notes on your screen as prompts to help.


Body Language

Smile and use hand gestures when appropriate. Keep it upbeat and have positive body language - sit up and open your shoulders. You can also engage more by using an appropriate tone of voice. When you are speaking it helps to look into the webcam, if you are listening then look at the screen.


Dress Professionally

Your outfit and how you dress are still important. Treat it the same as if you were going to head into their office and meet them. Make sure you are fully dressed in interview wear. Plus, check how your room appears - what’s in the background and is it appropriate? It will be remembered by the interviewer.


What if things go wrong?

A noise interrupts you or, disaster, a person or pet come into the room! Don’t panic, the interviewer knows you are at home so ask for a moment. You can mute and/or turn the camera off, deal with the issue and then return. Stay calm, it will be OK.


Plan ahead - if the video stops or you have a technical problem then it’s wise to have the interviewer’s telephone number to hand so you can call them.


Good luck!

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