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Re-Locating for Work?

Tips if you are considering re-locating for your next job

Of course, not everyone lives in the same area throughout their lives, and many people move within the UK, or even re-locate overseas, simply to advance their career. City of London financial institutions, for example, receive job applications from people living in many different parts of the UK, and many different countries, every single day.

Applying for a role in another region presents certain challenges, for example you can’t just attend a face-to-face interview at a moment’s notice. Here are some helpful tips on how to approach the process of re-locating for work purposes:

Start the application process as soon as you decide you want to re-locate. If you wait until you have moved before applying for any jobs, you may find that it takes a while to find the right opportunity, and you may be faced with having to meet the costs of living in an expensive, unfamiliar city without any income coming in.

Find out as much as you can about the area. Do you know anyone who lives in the region you are considering moving to? If so, they can provide advice on things like finding a place to live. If you don’t know anyone who lives there, ensure you carry out extensive research.

Remember that your commute needs to be manageable. In expensive cities like London, many workers face longer commutes to work than is the case in the rest of the UK. Although the job on offer may sound like your dream job, it may prove to be anything but if you get so stressed getting to work and getting home that you stop enjoying the role. You also need to find out which neighbourhoods are the safest to live in, and maybe also which areas have the best schools for your children.

Ask if the recruiter can interview you remotely. It is very unlikely that you will be offered a job without having first met representatives of the company face-to-face. However, you have nothing to lose by asking if it is possible to conduct initial interviews by telephone or video chat.

Ask if the role offers re-location assistance. Some companies offer help with things such as transportation, housing search and storage expenses for new recruits who have moved to the area. 

Find an agency based in the area you are considering moving to. For example, here at KennedyPearce we specialise in recruiting for London-based roles.

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