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Personalising your workspace

Assuming you have your own desk in the office that you sit at every day, then you can make your workspace a cheerier place by ‘personalising’ it. After all, many of us spend a significant proportion of our time at our desks.

Ways you may be able to personalise your space include:

Photographs. You can of course display special photographs on your desk, or you can use them as a screensaver on your computer monitor. For many people, seeing the smiling face of a loved one every day, especially that of a young child, can be tremendously uplifting. Alternatively, you might want to display a photo of a work-related achievement, or of a location that is special to you, or a snapshot of one of your pets.

Mousemats and drinks mats. These may be available in the colours of your favourite sports team for example. Alternatively, you can design and order a mat of your own design from a number of specialist companies.

Drinks mugs. Again, you can drink out of something that demonstrates your love of your football team. Alternatively, buy a mug that shows off your quirkier side.

Plants and flowers. Having plants and flowers around the office can also make people feel better, but remember to water them regularly, and give them plenty of light.

A stationery desk tidy. Avoid having to search for pens, pencils and other stationery by keeping them in a dedicated stationery holder on your desk.

Filing trays. Avoid the problems associated with having a desk that is cluttered with different bits of paper, and file them in the trays in an organised way.

A desk calendar or diary. Here, maybe try to find one that has a joke or a motivational quote for each day.

Cushions. Sitting down all day can get uncomfortable, so many office workers use a cushion. Why not buy one that reflects your personality, instead of just buying a plain, functional item.

Keyboard stickers. These allow you to add colour and art to your computer keyboard.

Artwork. Why not display a small framed print of an artwork you really like, or place a small vase or sculpture on your desk?

When personalising your workspace, just take care not to use anything that your colleagues might find offensive.

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