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Ways to make your office more fun

Some of us genuinely love our jobs, but not everyone gets up every single day bouncing with enthusiasm at the thought of going into work. However, there are some simple ways in which companies and their staff can make their offices more of a fun place.

Introduce a rewards scheme. This would involve rewarding employees for specific one-off work achievements They might receive cash rewards, or other perks like vouchers, days out etc.

Hold regular social events. Ideally there should be a vote amongst the staff as to what they would most like to do, and management would not put any pressure on people to attend these events.

Have team lunches. Once in a while, it would be great if members of the same team or business area could eat lunch together in a nearby café, pub or restaurant, perhaps paid for by the management. Lunch for UK office workers so often involves nothing more than buying a takeaway sandwich before making an immediate return to the office.

Have a snack drawer. Even if the staff need to pay for anything they take, it can be good to have a drawer of light snacks, fizzy drinks cans, fruit etc. in the office, so that if staff feel the urge to eat or drink something like this, it is readily available.

Introduce some simple games. A couple of minutes playing a board game can greatly improve employees’ mood. Some companies have gone as far as buying ping-pong or pool tables and pinball machines for staff to use during breaks.

Keep the office well-maintained, well-lit and decorated

Operate an employee suggestion scheme. Set up a system, such as a ‘suggestion box’, where staff can make anonymous contributions as to what would make the office environment a better place

Consider starting a club at work. How about starting a work quiz team, sports team or walking group?

Introduce some plants and flowers to the office. These can really brighten up people’s day – just don’t forget that they need water and light.

Put some artwork on the office walls

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