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Budget 2018 - IR35 to fund more Duck Houses for MPs?

The big budget news from yesterday that majorly impacts the Recruitment Industry is that the IR35 regulation is now very real for the Private Sector - but it is not going live until 2020. So no one needs to panic just yet as there is plenty of time to prepare.

However, there will certainly need to be a clearer articulation of this new regulation in order to prepare correctly and to prepare in full – which everyone involved will need to do.

The confusion is that this regulation is tinged with a significant amount of ambiguity and potential unfairness pertaining to the size of business that it applies to: "IR35 will only apply to large and medium-sized organisations" and despite there being different rules for different businesses it was supposedly “designed to ensure fairness”...?

Confused? Yet another example of the good old British Government doing anything but keeping things simple and acting decisively.

There promises to be plenty of fun and games along the way with this and the cynics amongst us will suggest that the ambiguity on the rules and regulations are a ploy to perhaps catch more people out for more fines. Maybe this is so the government can take more money to build more floating duck houses in their MPs’ ponds?

Others may suggest it is a bit of a rush job to get some news out that is not related to Brexit.

Either way it is happening and so the interim recruitment industry will need to get on top of this well in advance to ensure all customers are complaint and are all working correctly within the regulations.

For any further information please contact one of our team at KennedyPearce and do not worry as for now, it’s business as usual and there are plenty of live contract roles in the market.

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