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"How's the market?"

Working in recruitment every day is different. Every day presents a new challenge and every day something totally unexpected crops up to challenge you. In amongst all this variation there are a few constants; one of the main ones being the question posed by all your customers: “So…how’s the market?”

If unprepared, this innocent and absolutely standard question can leave even the most experience recruiters sweating for the right response. Sure, you know your own market bubble of your direct clients’ hiring movements and that of some of the candidates you’re in touch with but is that what your customers are really looking to you for? No. They want it all because after all you are the self-proclaimed “industry expert” right?

So, as said industry expert your customers expect you to provide a comprehensive overview of the recruitment market: significant sector moves; various economic drivers; company mergers and acquisitions; the ever-changing impact of the volatile political landscape; share price shifts and the fluctuating FTSE; Brexit, the latest new FCA regulations; IR35 legislation in the private sector; the latest headline about FTSE 100 businesses outsourcing thousands of jobs…This list is today’s volatile London market is almost endless. Are you expected to know everything about all these subjects and more?

In short – yes. However, whilst you are not expected to have enough detailed knowledge of all these points to go on Mastermind, there are thousands of other things to do in your daily jobs, you are expected to know your market.

There is so much more to a good recruiter and a good recruitment provider than just a service to arbitrarily send CVs containing words that match a job description. Do not neglect the “consultant” part of your job title and ensure you are able to add value to all your customers in all the ways you are supposed to. In a competitive market you need to keep ahead of the competition.

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