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Eating the Same Lunch Everyday?

1 in 3 workers eat the same lunch every day

Research by food delivery company Deliveroo has revealed that one in three British workers eat the same thing for lunch on every working day. A further four in ten said they rotated the same few meals to provide their midday sustenance.

Ham sandwiches are the most common thing that a UK worker eats day after day, followed by cheese, tuna and egg mayonnaise sandwiches.

Four in ten of the 1,500 respondents said that they were sometimes jealous of colleagues who ate more interesting and varied lunches, but 16% of people said they couldn’t find the inclination to change their lunch habits.

One quarter of employees eat lunch at their desk, while one in 20 routinely eats it in the car. The average time taken to eat lunch was found to be 17 minutes – the survey did not address the issue of how long employees actually take as a lunchbreak.

Despite the lack of imagination displayed by some office workers when it comes to choosing their lunch, almost three in ten said that the issue of what to have for lunch was a hot topic in their office, and discussions over what to have for lunch were said to occupy 13 minutes each day on average.

Dan Warne, Managing Director of Deliveroo, said: 

“This research highlights how many of the British workforce eat really boring, unimaginative meals for lunch on repeat.”

Whatever you eat for your lunch, try to eat things that will keep you healthy and keep you productive and focussed whilst at work. Lunch is not ‘for wimps’, as stated in the famous line from the Wall Street film, and missing lunch is likely to make you tired and irritable when trying to work during the afternoon. Consider foods that are high in protein or carbohydrates, and avoiding those with a high fat or sugar content. Adrenal fatigue can be increased by eating sugary foods, so consider cutting down on the number of cakes and sweets you eat, and maybe eat fruit for your lunch dessert instead, at least some of the time.



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