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Get Your CV Right

What Recruiters and Employers Really Look For in CVs

Writing your CV for the first time can be overwhelming and highly introspective. You have to reflect on your achievements in terms of educational background, extra-curricular projects and work experience. Before listing down your career-related accomplishments, it’s important to understand what recruiters and employers are really looking for.

One of the most important aspects to ponder on is what makes you qualified and distinctive from other candidates. How will employers remember you? Why will they want to hire you? What skills can you contribute to their organisation? The answers to these questions should be your basis when crafting your CV.

While there’s no universal template to use in CV writing, there are certain guidelines to help you showcase your best achievements and skills to future employers.

Here’s how you can stand out among the sea of candidates:

Tailor Your CV to the Job Posting

Avoid sending the same CV to every organisation you apply to. Read the job description well, internalise it, and tailor your cover letter and CV to address the specific requirements of the position. Employers and recruiters want to know if you have the relevant skills needed for the job.

A report by US News & World Report states that employers scan CVs for about 20 seconds before deciding if an applicant is suitable for the position. Make sure you emphasise your relevant skills in a way that catches the eye instantly.

Use Relevant Keywords

Some recruiters use online job search platforms to find candidates. If you don’t use the right keywords in your CV, they may not find you on these online platforms. When writing your CV, ask yourself what a recruiter would type in the search engine if they are looking for a specific applicant.

If they’re looking for a sales manager with experience overseas, for example, recruiters may type in keywords such as ‘international’ or ‘product developer’. If your CV has the relevant keywords, it would most likely rise to the top of the search results.  

Quantify Accomplishments

Avoid being too vague when detailing your achievements in your past work experience. Use numbers, figures and statistics whenever possible. Employers and recruiters tend to take interest in applicants who can provide them with how much of an impact they made in their previous jobs. For instance, you can quantify accomplishments such as handling ten campaigns per week or increased the company’s revenue by 30% after six months of marketing a product. 

A Professional Summary

Since the main objective of all applicants is to get noticed by a recruiter or employer, consider including a professional summary or profile at the top of your CV. This section should illustrate your strengths in either bullet or paragraph form. A professional summary is a golden opportunity to sell yourself by highlighting your winning qualities alongside some previous achievements.

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