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Red Flags that Recruiters Should Not Overlook

Here at Kennedy Pearce, we help employers find the right candidates for a specific role. One of the major challenges for recruiting agencies in London is the screening of applicants for a job. Making a hiring decision can be tough, as you will be weighing one candidate against the skills and experience of another.

While preparing a great interview is part of the process, recruitment starts from the very first time you make contact with the candidate. You have to pay careful attention to how they talk, how they dress and how they carry themselves.

When you are interviewing a candidate, there are certain red flags that you cannot ignore. Some are a bit more subtle than others and can be easily overlooked:

They Focus Only on Themselves

Job interviews are designed to focus on what the applicant has to offer, which may be overlooked if they only talk about how great they are. Applicants who talk over you and do not wait for you to finish your sentences should be avoided as this shows that they are not team players and may not work well in collaborative environments.

They Do Not Treat Your Staff Respectfully

A candidate should be courteous at all times, this courtesy should extend to all of your staff whatever position they have. If they treat your staff with disrespect and are dismissive, you can be sure that they will act in a similar fashion on the job.

They Do Not Greet You Politely

First impressions do matter, so a proper greeting is always in order. A candidate should give a firm, confident handshake and look you in the eye when they do.

They are Vague and Unprepared

While some level of improvisation has always been part of a job interview, it is important for them to arrive prepared to talk about the job they want. If they forget to bring their CV or are vague and flippant in their responses, it could show that they do not have a good understanding of the job.

As an employer, you need to be able to screen your candidates with confidence. To learn more about recruitment strategies, contact Kennedy Pearce Consulting today.

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